Mosquitoes and Ticks Will Be Around Awhile Longer

Mosquitoes will remain active until temperatures drop consistently into the 50s at night.
Mosquitoes will remain active until temperatures drop consistently into the 50s at night.

For kids all over Birmingham, school is in session.  Leaving the freedom of the backyard and the community playgrounds, it’s back to books and the spirit of fall. Though the kids are gone from the backyard during the day, the season isn’t over for the pests that call your property home. Mosquitoes will remain active through September and even into October if fall is warm. Ticks actually have two peaks during their season. The first, consisting of nymph ticks, has already passed, but adult ticks will emerge in September and peak in October and November.


Both mosquito and tick activity depends on low temperatures. When nightly low temperatures drop consistently into the 50’s, you will begin to notice fewer and fewer mosquitoes. Ticks are more resilient and can be active anytime the temperature is above 45 degrees. While you will notice more ticks when the temperatures are warmer, adult ticks can even survive the winter by hibernating under fallen logs or thick leaf cover. Most adult mosquitoes will die off as temperatures drop, leaving their eggs and larvae to create next year’s population.


Ticks can be active any time the temperature is over 45 degrees.
Ticks can be active any time the temperature is over 45 degrees.

Mosquito and tick control remains important during late summer and early fall. Not only will it continue to protect you from painful and potentially disease-carrying bites, but it will also keep these populations down as we move into the colder months. This will mean fewer mosquito eggs and larvae and fewer ticks in all stages that can survive the winter. Mosquito and tick control now not only impacts the quality of your outdoor time during late summer and early fall. It can also impact these populations next spring and summer.


So be sure to put mosquito and tick control on your Fall plans. Grilling out for the big game? Got a fall wedding or birthday party? It will be more enjoyable and safer, when your yard is protected by the Squad. So contact Mosquito Squad of Birmingham today. We are running a special for the remainder of the season. You can get $25 off your mosquito and tick treatments. Call us today for bite-free, outdoor fun during the rest of summer and fall.



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Birmingham Residents Say Mosquito Squad Really Works!

Protecting Birmingham residents against mosquitoes and ticks is our top priority. To make sure we’re providing the ultimate protection along with the ultimate service, Mosquito Squad of Birmingham utilizes a third party review system. The survey is simple and has only one question — how did it work? Birmingham area residents are confirming that our mosquito protection does work and they love the service. Read some of the reviews below. You can also read more reviews on our website.


It really works!!!! We can enjoy our yard without being eaten up. Bobby H., Bessemeer, AL


You make mosquitoes disappear! Chad B. Birmingham, AL


It works!!! Plain and simple!  Jennifer B., Birmingham, AL


It definitely works!! No Mosquitoes even with all the rain this spring and summer! Could not do without the service! Barbara W. McCalla, AL


The mosquito’s in my yard have been GREATLY reduced after using Mosquito Squad for the last couple of months.  They have been responsive to my scheduling requests and have been good to return calls or emails.  The technician is so very nice and seems willing to answer any questions I may have. I would recommend them highly to anyone experiencing mosquito problems! Karen S., Pelham, AL


Convenience, price, people, and professionalism.  Not to mention the product works wonderfully! Mark T., Helena, AL


NO LONGER BEING HELD HOSTAGE BY THE MOSQUITOES: The fact that I’ve gone from several mosquito bites per day before I called you to one bite total in the 3 weeks since you treated our area is wonderful – I’m no longer a captive in my own home! Judy. B., Birmingham, AL


I have already recommended you to friends and neighbors.  I liked that my grandchildren played in my backyard without coming in covered by mosquito bites. Suzanne R., Birmingham, AL


It works!  We can enjoy our yard again. Henry M., Trussville, AL


We have really noticed a big difference in the number if flying pests, especially in the evening when they used to be really bad. The gentleman I spoke with to set up the service was very friendly and helpful. Elena M., Wilsonville, AL


Has worked great in our yard!  Randy G., Hoover, AL




Reliable and effective! Vicki P., Indian Spring, AL


Matt & Marty Lange copyIf you want to join the hundreds of other Birmingham residents that are enjoying their yards mosquitoes and ticks free this summer, give us a call  • (205) 380-7755•  We look forward to providing the ultimate customer service to you!






Mosquito Squad Safety for Your Birmingham Family

Dread Circle


Here at Mosquito Squad of Birmingham we are often asked many of the same
questions about our products and services as it relates to mosquitoes, ticks and
other insects. We are happy to answer any questions our customers and
potential customer have because we are confident in our training, our technicians
and our products. In an effort to help answer some of those questions you may
have, we’ve created a list along with the answers for you.

How does your barrier spray treatment work?

Our trained technicians will walk your property on your first visit to identify areas
where pests are likely to be abundant. These include areas that hold stagnant
water including French drains, ponds, corrugated pipes, bird baths and flooded
areas that can be potential mosquito breeding sites. Then our technicians will
treat these areas to eliminate any existing larvae and prevent future larvae from
forming. The perimeter of your property will be treated next, creating an invisible
barrier around your yard to keep additional mosquitoes from entering. Finally,
treatment is applied to the underside of the vegetation to eradicate any adult
mosquitoes and ticks currently in your yard.

Not only does our barrier spray treatment work, we guarantee it! While no
service can offer 100 percent protection from every mosquito and tick you should
notice an enormous reduction of 85 – 90% in the mosquito and tick population in
your yard. If for any reason you are not satisfied, give us a call and we’ll make it

Are there any specific areas that should be treated more or not at all?

Yes, Crepe Myrtle trees are specifically avoided to maintain a healthy
relationship between aphids and ants. Aphids produce honeydew on the tree as
a result of their feeding process. This by-product is a desirable source of food for
some insects, and their feeding keeps the tree from becoming covered in
honeydew, which would eventually mold over and kill the host tree.

Adversely, plants like kudzu or ivy are treated aggressively because of their thick
layers and curved leaves. This thick layering provides a well-insulated and
shady hideaway for pests and the curved leaves hold water and provide a place
for new mosquitoes to potentially breed.

Mosquito Squad is safe for children and pets
Is your barrier spray treatment safe around my kids and pets?

Yes, our products are used according to the label and are registered with the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency, which means the ingredients have been
scrutinized and tested for safety for consumer use.

We use only enough product to target a 2.5 milligram mosquito. Unlike
mammals, mosquitoes lack enzymes to break down the product, which means
we can use a very small amount strategically placed to achieve control of
nuisance pests.

Our class of products can be found in many household products like head
lice shampoos, pet flea collars and sprays, and many agricultural applications suchas standard treatments for fruit and ornamental plants.

Is your product safe around my fishpond?

Our technicians are trained to carefully treat around fishponds to provide
protection for your family without harming the investment you have made in your
pond and fish.
Does your treatment harm beneficial insects?

Some of our treatments can affect insects with similar habits in addition to the targets pests. For instance,
gnats, flies and fleas that are in direct contact with the spray during application
will be eliminated. However, care is taken to minimize damage to other insects.
For example, we avoid spraying blooming plants that attract honeybees.

Barrier Spray in Action
Is your barrier spray an organic product?

No, the product we use for our standard treatment is not organic, but we do offer a natural option. Our natural
option is garlic based and confuses and repels insects by using a scent that
insect find unattractive. In order for the natural treatment to remain effective, it
must occur every 14 days as opposed to the 21-day cycle of our traditional
Are Your Technicians trained?

Yes, extensively. Our technicians are trained in accordance with local and state requirements, but our in-house program
educates them on conditions and situations that are specific to mosquito and tick
breeding, lifecycle, habitats and how to effectively eliminate them. Plus, we are
fully licensed and insured and are happy to provide proof of either upon request.

Why do your technicians were a respirator, eye protection and long pants?

Simple! We take safety very seriously and we make every effort to provide the best protection for our employees by providing respirators and eye protection becausethey are directly exposed to our products five days a week for eight hours a day.

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Safety is a foremost concern of ours, not just in the way we apply our treatment but also in keeping you and your family safe from mosquitoes and ticks and the diseases they can spread. One call to Mosquito Squad of Birmingham can provide season long protection so you don’t have to worry about the questions above but instead enjoy the summer with your family. Your family’s safety is important to you and being a family business, protecting it is important to us.

STARI Versus Lyme: No Clear Winner for Alabama Residents

Most Alabama residents are aware that ticks are in our state. The actual number and whether they are increasing is not readily known since there is no continual tick surveillance program like on the East coast. What is known however, is that while the tick population may be lower here, they are still able to transmit diseases to you, your family and pets with a single bite and they are now packing a potent punch here in the south with a illness similar to Lyme Disease.


Lone Star tick transmits STARI
Lone Star tick transmits STARI

Lyme Disease has been well documented and spoken about in the past several years because it is on the rise in many states. In fact, 95% of the Lyme Disease cases that have been confirmed come from just 13 Northeastern States. But there’s a tick-borne virus being transmitted to people along the Southern states that mimics Lyme Disease and its hitting much closer to home. Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness (STARI) is transmitted by the Lone Star tick but the similarities and differences between the two illnesses are so close, it was initially thought that STARI was caused by the Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme Disease.


Mosquito Squad of Birmingham is committed to keeping our community safe from tick and mosquito-borne viruses. Knowledge is key so we’ve put together a comparison of STARI versus Lyme Disease so you will know what to look for if bitten by a tick.


Transmitted by Lone Star Tick Black-legged, or deer, tick
Early Symptoms fatigue, headache, fever, and muscle pains.Red, circular “bulls-eye” rash may appear fatigue, headache, fever, and muscle pains.Red, circular “bulls-eye” rash may appear
Late Symptoms arthritis, neurologic disease, or chronic symptoms
Bacterium Unknown Borrelia burgdorferi
Bite of the tick Saliva may cause irritation, redness & discomfort May go unnoticed
Treatment Antibiotics. Recovery seems to be faster than Lyme. Antibiotics. Recovery seems to take longer than STARI


Tick tubes are very effective at eliminating ticks.
Tick tubes are very effective at eliminating ticks.

As with all ticks, the best practice is prevention. Since ticks can be tiny, about the size of a poppy seed, they are often difficult to see and even detect on your body. That is why an effective tick control is program is optimal for your yard. Mosquito Squad of Birmingham’s dual-step intensive tick control treatment is so effective; we back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our EPA-registered barrier spray is applied every 21-days to the foliage and tall grasses in your yard. Ticks, waiting in these areas for a host to brush by, are eliminated on contact. The barrier spray continues to wipe out tick for up to 21 days and creates a virtual barricade around the perimeter of your yard to keep additional ticks from entering. Our second step includes the use of tick tubes strategically placed around your yard to eliminate the smaller nymph ticks hiding out on rodents and in their dens. The elimination occurs when the tick tube’s treated cotton is taken back by rodents to use as nesting material. The cotton is safe for the rodents and birds but not for the ticks. Our barrier spray and tick tube combination will eliminate up to 97% of ticks in your yard and break the life cycle for future generations of ticks and their diseases.


Now is the peak time for ticks to bite and transmit diseases to our families and pets. Call Mosquito Squad of Birmingham to sign up the Birmingham’s most effective mosquito and tick control. Our seasonal packages will ensure protection all summer long so you don’t have to worry about STARI, Lyme Disease or any other illnesses that can be passed on by mosquitoes or ticks. Our consultation is always free and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Lyme Disease Awareness with Mosquito Squad of Birmingham

May is Lyme Disease awareness month.
May is Lyme Disease awareness month.

We’ve all heard about the infectious tick-borne Lyme Disease but have you heard that the month of May is Lyme Disease Awareness month? You have now. While Lyme Disease is not be as prevalent in Alabama as it is around the New England states, the ticks that carry the disease are in our area, and unfortunately can transmit the disease to us and our pets.


Because of the lower incidences of Lyme Disease in the South, cases are often misdiagnosed and not reported. The misdiagnoses are due to initial symptoms being similar to the flu – headache, fever, chills and muscle and joint aches. Who wouldn’t think they had the flu? The one symptom that may help identify the disease is a red “bulls-eye”

A red "bulls-eye" rash may develop with Lyme Disease.
A red “bulls-eye” rash may develop with Lyme Disease.

rash that can occur, but does not always. If left untreated, arthritis and additional neurological disorders can present themselves and have lasting effects. Luckily, the disease seems to respond well to antibiotics if diagnosed early and properly.


So, how do you get Lyme Disease, and more importantly, how do you avoid it? Lyme Disease is cause by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorfer, and transmitted through a bite of the black-legged tick, or as it commonly referred to, the deer tick. These ticks can be very small in size, about the size of a poppy seed, and difficult to see. Prompt and proper removal of a tick is important. The longer the tick remains on your body, the better chance it has to spread the disease.


Our barrier spray is applied to the vegetation in your yard to eliminate ticks.
Our barrier spray is applied to the vegetation in your yard to eliminate ticks.

Avoiding ticks is the best way to protect from Lyme Disease. Mosquito Squad of Birmingham can help eliminate ticks in your yard with our dual-step intensive tick control treatment. We start by applying our barrier spray every 21-days to the foliage in your yard, where ticks reside. Our barrier spray eliminates these ticks (as well as mosquitoes and fleas) on contact and creates a virtual barricade around the perimeter of your yard to keep additional ticks from entering. We follow the barrier spray treatment with our Mosquito Squad tick tubes. The tick tubes contain treated cotton favored by rodents for nesting material. The cotton, while safe for the rodents, is taken back to their dens where the younger nymph ticks reside and are eliminated on contact. The combination of these two treatments not only eliminate up to 90% of ticks in your yard, they also eliminate future generations of ticks from developing.


Matt & Marty Lange copyNow that you are more aware of Lyme Disease, its symptoms and ways to control it in your yard, give Mosquito Squad of Birmingham a call to get started. We’ll protect you from mosquitoes, ticks and fleas all season long so you can take back your yard! Call Birmingham’s tick and mosquito control experts at (205) 380-7755 or visit our Mosquito Squad of Birmingham website for your free quote.

Birmingham’s Best Flea and Spider Control Keeps Pests Out of Your Yard

Isn’t it funny how quickly we forget about bugs and insects during the winter? Out of site, out of mind during those cooler months. As soon as the warmer spring temperatures arrive and we begin spending time in our yards, we are quickly reminded how pesky those insects can be as we begin scratching, swatting and squashing. That’s when the phone at Mosquito Squad of Birmingham begins ringing.

Mosquito Protection that's guaranteed!
Mosquito Protection that’s guaranteed!

We love hearing our customers singing the praises of our effective mosquito and tick control. Our barrier spray effectively eliminates up to 90% of mosquitoes and ticks on your treated property. The time-release formula binds to the vegetation in your yard to eradicate future mosquitoes and ticks that rest and feed on these plants and creates a virtual barrier around your property to keep additional mosquitoes and ticks away from your yard. The treatment lasts for 21 days, which is when we return to spray again.

Our customers often ask us if we can treat their yards for other pests as well. This year we are happy to tell them about our new Birmingham flea and spider control service. The flea and spider treatment can be added to our EPA registered barrier spray. In addition to spraying your vegetation, we will also spray around the structure of your home, your doors, windows and eaves to keep spiders and fleas from invading these areas.  The spray keeps flea eggs from hatching and spiders from building nests. And, since it is applied every 21 days along with our Birmingham mosquito and tick spray, not every 90 days like most pest control services, you’ll get complete protection all season long.

Wipe out spiders and fleas in your yard with Mosquito Squads barrier spray
Wipe out spiders and fleas in your yard with Mosquito Squads barrier spray

Birmingham’s flea control not only keeps your pets free from the painful bites and itches; it also keeps them safe from illnesses such as tapeworms, skin dermatitis and anemia. It’s important to stay current with your pets other flea and tick control measures in addition to using our effective flea control for your yard.

Our Birmingham spider treatment keeps the creepy crawly’s away from the structure of your home so they don’t have the opportunity to build nests and lay their eggs. With 34 species of spiders calling Birmingham home, it’s important to control them on the outside so they don’t get in.

As with our mosquito and tick treatment, once you sign up for the season, you are automatically scheduled for your treatments.  No additional phone calls are needed and you don’t have to be home when we apply our treatment.  Mosquito Squad of Birmingham will do all the work for you so have time to enjoy your yard pest free!  Give us a call today to get started with the best Birmingham mosquito, tick, flea and spider control service.  Matt & Marty Lange copy

Why Tick Tubes Effectively Eliminate Ticks in Birmingham

Tick tubes from Mosquito Squad of Birmingham effectively eliminate ticks.
Tick tubes from Mosquito Squad of Birmingham effectively eliminate ticks.

Everyday at Mosquito Squad of Birmingham, we work hard to protect our customers from mosquitoes, ticks and the diseases they carry such as West Nile virus and Lyme Disease. As we talked about last week, our barrier spray is highly effective at eliminating mosquitoes on contact and creating a barrier around your property to keep additional mosquitoes out. The barrier spray also targets and eliminates ticks residing within the treated area as well. But ticks have different habits depending on the stage of their lifecycle so in addition to the barrier spray that targets the adult ticks within your yard, Mosquito Squad of Birmingham utilizes tick tubes to eliminate the younger nymph ticks.

These ticks are attached to the ear of a mouse.
These ticks are attached to the ear of a mouse.

Nymph ticks are young ticks and just like our children, are the most active members of the family. The nymph ticks are also more prevalent in the early spring to late summer and the biggest transmitter of diseases such as Lyme Disease. In order to grow and develop, these young nymph ticks need a blood meal. Their preference at this stage is mice and chipmunks that they use as their host. Latching on to these rodents, they feed off their blood until they have developed enough to venture out into the world.


Using this knowledge of tick habits and those of the rodents, Mosquito Squad of Birmingham can target them more effectively with the use of tick tubes. We strategically place tick tubes around your property where we know rodents will come in contact with them. Inside the tubes is treated cotton the rodents take back to their dens. The cotton is safe for the rodents as well as other animals and people and they rodents use the fluff for their bedding. Once the nymph ticks come in contact with the treated cotton, they are eliminated immediately. The cotton not only keeps these ticks from spreading disease, it also stops future generations from forming.

Treated cotton from our tick tubes are being used as bedding.
Treated cotton from our tick tubes are being used as bedding.


Tick season is already here and now is the time to have tick tubes placed around your property. Call Mosquito Squad of Birmingham to set up your dual protection tick control and prevention program so you can make the most of your time outdoors this spring and summer.




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