Did you know some mosquitoes and their eggs can survive the winter?

As the season fluctuates here in Alabama , have you ever wondered if mosquitoes can actually survive the Winter? Well, yes they can!

 Certain mosquitoes can survive winter in the larval stage.

Mosquitoes remain inactive during the cooler months awaiting the arrival of spring.

The mosquito breeding season starts in April here in Alabama and generally ends in October, depending on the weather. Mosquitoes cannot survive freezing temperatures, and are killed by a hard frost. They are able to survive the winter mainly as eggs laying wait in stagnate pools awaiting the arrival of warm weather. Some adult mosquitoes have been found to survive the winter in sheltered locations like knot holes in trees and in rocky areas. Mosquitoes can also begin to hatch during warm spells throughout our Southern winters. A mosquito egg can hatch in a period of a few hours to a few days, depending on the species of mosquito. One way to cut down on the chances of this occurring during the “Indian summers” that sometimes occur in our region is to eliminate the mosquitoes present now. If the mosquito is properly controlled in your environment it has a less likely chance of surviving overwintering.

Did you know? Even during the winter mosquitoes are still out there, just inactive from the absence of warm weather

By taking control over your property and eliminating mosquitoes in your backyard, you can greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes next year. Start by eliminating standing water and items that pool water. Keep brush piles and debris picked up as to not serve as breeding grounds. Include a barrier spray protection program applied by a licensed mosquito control professional to eliminate existing mosquitoes ana d prevent more from entering your treated areas. These safeguards will benefit you now, and will provide some level of coverage going into next mosquito season. We recommend homeowners stay on our Barrier Protection program from early spring through fall to receive the most protection.





It’s Time to Start Mosquito Control at Your Birmingham Home

I think we can all agree that Birmingham is ready for the warmer temperatures that are coming our way. Image sitting on your deck, soaking up the warmth as you watch the sun set on the horizon. The stresses of your day are melting away until you hear that familiar buzzing sound of a mosquito. Do you ever wonder how they become active so quickly and where they go during the winter?

It’s a common misconception that mosquitoes die off with the cold temperatures. In fact, some adult species can survive the winter burrowed in animal nests, fallen logs and even piles of leaves. As soon as the weather warms, the female

Mosquito eggs hatch very quickly when the temperatures warm.
Mosquito eggs hatch very quickly when the temperatures warm.

mosquito goes in search of a blood meal (that’s you!) in order to develop her eggs. There are also mosquitoes that hibernate during their larval stage in ponds and muddy swamps in order to survive the freeze. Those mosquito species that cannot survive cold temperatures lay winter-hardy eggs in the soil that hatch as soon as the temperatures start to climb to about 60 degrees. That makes for a lot of mosquitoes quickly.


Clogged gutters give mosquitoes the perfect place to breed.
Clogged gutters give mosquitoes the perfect place to breed.

Be proactive and start controlling mosquitoes in your yard with two easy steps. First, tip over anything that can hold water where mosquitoes can breed. Walk around your yard to see if there are any dog bowls, bird baths or children’s toys that have standing water. Check for clogged gutters and tarps over your grill that may not be taut. Mosquitoes only need a small amount of water to lay hundreds of eggs. Secondly, call the mosquito eliminators at Mosquito Squad of Birmingham. Our barrier spray treatment targets mosquitoes in all stages of their life cycle. Applied every 21 days, our effective treatment will not only eliminate mosquitoes on contact, it will keep them from producing future generations.


Now is the time to start protecting your family from the annoying bites and potential diseases mosquitoes can carry. Call Mosquito Squad of Birmingham today to set up a mosquito control program that protects you and your family all season long.




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Thanks for a great season!

THANK YOU for a great season. Our official end date is Thursday 10/24, but we will still spray your yard if needed. Thanks for allowing us to Help You Fight The Bite this season! We will be in touch soon and look for Early Bird specials in February and a special day of savings on Black Friday! Thanks again!



Fall leaves are fun to play in…but then they get wet from rain and they can be a great place for mosquitoes to breed. The mosquitoes will still be out for a few weeks, maybe a bit longer. Don’t let them have the last laugh this year. Call us and we’ll come treat your yard and it lasts for 3 weeks. This is also a great time to implement the 5 T’s in your yard, so they don’t come back in the Spring!

Mosquito Squad will be at the Party!

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Could your town be next?

Brewton No Longer Providing Mosquito Control

By: Pat Peterson | WKRG Published: April 12, 2012 Updated: April 12, 2012 – 6:36 PM
BREWTON, Alabama —

Mosquitoes could be a big problem on the Gulf Coast this year- the blood-sucking insects survived the mild winter we had and are ready to make our lives miserable.

In Brewton, homeowners are in the bug battle alone- the town no longer provides mosquito spraying services.

The city blames tougher state and federal regulations involving the use of pesticides for ending service.

Under the Cleanwater Act- the E.P.A. is requiring towns to obtain costly permits to use pesticides in and around waterways.

The new guidelines also hold towns legally and financiallly responsible for any health or environmental hazards in the use of mosquito killing chemicals.

Town officials say it’s just too risky to provide mosquito control.

Monroeville has also eliminated mosquito spraying service. The town of Evergreen is considering using a private contractor to handle mosquito control.