Protection for Peak Mosquito Season in Birmingham

Mosquito Squad of Greater Birmingham shows a mosquito feeding on a plantBirmingham is at the peak of mosquito season and the number of mosquitos are increasing. Due to our mild winter and recent rains, mosquitoes are breeding in record numbers. Did you know that one female mosquito can be responsible for over 1 BILLION descendents in one month? Now don’t freak out. We’ve got you covered. Our innovative mosquito barrier spray combines the most superior products available to eliminate mosquitoes on contact. It is applied to the foliage in your yard where mosquitoes rest and feed on the plant juices. It’s time release formula continues protecting for up to 27 days which is when we return for another treatment. We also put down a larvacide in places that collect water that prevents mosquito growth and interrupts their breeding cycle.  When we implement these services in your yard, we can guarantee 85-90% reduction in the mosquito population in your yard. You can help us improve those numbers by following Mosquito Squad of Birmingham’s 7 T’s: Tipping, tossing, turning, removing tarps, take care, teaming up and treating. Protecting your family from mosquitoes, ticks and fleas are our passion and we can help your family as well. Just make an easy call to our office. We’ll have you out enjoying your backyard for the remainder of the summer in no time.






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Cooler temperatures mean less mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and spiders. Right? Well….not exactly.

It is true, once the temperatures drop below 60 degrees, mosquitoes become lethargic and they typically aren’t a threat anymore.  But that doesn’t mean other insects still can’t pose a threat, especially ticks, fleas and spiders.   In the southern states it doesn’t stay very cold for very long, so as long as tick can find a host to feed from or a warm location to hide, the adult ticks will still be a threat even when temperatures hover around 45 degrees. Adult fleas will also stay active throughout most or all of the winter season. Only sustained cold (less than 30 degrees) and low humidity levels will kill off outdoor eggs, larvae, and adult fleas.  Spiders also are eating and starting to transition from outdoor insects to indoor insects, where they can find water and warmth.

So what does this mean for you?

It means the Mosquito Squad will still be available to help you rid your yard of ticks, fleas and spiders, into the Holidays and starting next year into early spring.  We can offer you competitive rates, including neighborhood discounts for a few of your friends or neighbors.  Also check out our website on tips to help keep your yard tick free.

Please call us if you have any concerns or would like to talk to us about our fall tick, flea and spider services.




Recent Reviews

At Mosquito Squad, our goal is to have loyal clients who love to talk to others about us.            I like to say the best salesman is another satisfied customer. Here are some of our most recent reviews…

“That it actually works! Not to mention that everyone I have dealt with has been very kind, punctual and professional. This service is by far one of the most beneficial that we have ever purchased that actually improved our quality of life for our family at our home.”  Cynthia, Trussville

“You come when you say you will, you do a great job.
Most of all you’ve given me and my family our yard back in comfort”   Jason, Bessemer

“That it works. I was somewhat skeptical at first, but I am now a believer.”   Eric,Trussville

I have shared with friends and neighbors. I feel better about my dogs’ health and my own without mosquitos and bugs. The men are prompt and efficient and I always know when they are coming.”      Ann, Helena

Your complete satisfaction is important to us. If you are not completely satisfied with your mosquito control spray, contact your Mosquito Squad office within 21 days of application for an extra service treatment at no additional charge or a site visit, where we can discuss with your what has happened.  Then if you are still not satisfied, we will give you your full payment back.  You have nothing to lose, other than the mosquitoes and ticks in your yard.

Did you know some mosquitoes and their eggs can survive the winter?

As the season fluctuates here in Alabama , have you ever wondered if mosquitoes can actually survive the Winter? Well, yes they can!

 Certain mosquitoes can survive winter in the larval stage.

Mosquitoes remain inactive during the cooler months awaiting the arrival of spring.

The mosquito breeding season starts in April here in Alabama and generally ends in October, depending on the weather. Mosquitoes cannot survive freezing temperatures, and are killed by a hard frost. They are able to survive the winter mainly as eggs laying wait in stagnate pools awaiting the arrival of warm weather. Some adult mosquitoes have been found to survive the winter in sheltered locations like knot holes in trees and in rocky areas. Mosquitoes can also begin to hatch during warm spells throughout our Southern winters. A mosquito egg can hatch in a period of a few hours to a few days, depending on the species of mosquito. One way to cut down on the chances of this occurring during the “Indian summers” that sometimes occur in our region is to eliminate the mosquitoes present now. If the mosquito is properly controlled in your environment it has a less likely chance of surviving overwintering.

Did you know? Even during the winter mosquitoes are still out there, just inactive from the absence of warm weather

By taking control over your property and eliminating mosquitoes in your backyard, you can greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes next year. Start by eliminating standing water and items that pool water. Keep brush piles and debris picked up as to not serve as breeding grounds. Include a barrier spray protection program applied by a licensed mosquito control professional to eliminate existing mosquitoes ana d prevent more from entering your treated areas. These safeguards will benefit you now, and will provide some level of coverage going into next mosquito season. We recommend homeowners stay on our Barrier Protection program from early spring through fall to receive the most protection.




Thank you for a great 2014 season!

We would like to give a sincere THANK YOU to all of our customers, both old and new. We really enjoyed help keeping your family and pets from the annoyance and dangers of mosquitoes and ticks this past Summer. We will be in touch soon. Look for Early Bird specials in February and gift certificates at Christmas, for that hard to buy for person on your list. Thanks again!

Have you heard of the “Aussie Mozzie”?

I’ve never been to Australia but everything I have read or saw about it, it sounds like a great place to visit. The people, food, culture and sites would be amazing. But one thing I never want to see from Australia is the “Aussie Mozzie” or The Aedes notoscriptus.

It is an Australian mosquito species that was recently found in Los Angeles, it’s the first ever sighting in the United States. Jason Farned, spokesman for the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District said “In Australia this mosquito is very widespread and capable of transmitting several viruses, fortunately for us, none of those viruses have ever been reported in L.A. County.” “It’s unknown if the mosquito will become a major public health risk in California, Farned said. But because it infects dogs in Australia with heartworm, it may be a concern here for pet owners and vets.” source

The species is similar to the Asian tiger mosquito. Both the Asian tiger and Aussie Mozzie are most likely to bite during the day, instead of just around dusk.  “It also tends to lay its eggs inside the edges of small containers, rather than pools of water”, Farned said. Like many other mosquito species, the Aussie Mozzie infects humans and animals with disease including the Barmah Forest and Ross River viruses. Both viruses can be serious, but are non-lethal. Their symptoms include joint pain, rashes and fever. They can also infect dogs with heartworm.  Dogs with heartworm may show symptoms of coughing, exhaustion, weight loss and fainting.  Treatments for heartworm could take several months.

Only a few Aussie Mozzies have been confirmed in California so far. As the mosquito control experts, we at Mosquito Squad will stay on top of these guys, even throughout the off season and let you know if there is any other news.

Mosquito Squad of Birmingham Protecting Against Mosquitoes in Birmingham and in Africa

Chris Grandpre, CEO, installs mosquito nets in Africa.
Chris Grandpre, CEO, installs mosquito nets in Africa.

Mosquito Squad has always been a strong supporter of fighting Malaria in foreign countries and just recently, the Chairman and CEO of Mosquito Squad, Chris Grandpre, visited Africa along with a handful of others from Malaria No More. Chris wrote about his trip to Kenya and installing treated bed nets in several villages to prevent Malaria in the area. Insecticide treated bed nets protect up to two children, while they sleep at night; against mosquitoes and the deadly disease they transmit.


While Malaria was eradicated in the United States over 60 years ago, it is still a present danger in other areas of the world, specifically Africa. In fact, every 60 seconds a child dies of Malaria in Africa. That’s more than 1,300 children that lose their lives from a single mosquito bite every day. Mosquito Squad has teamed up with Malaria No More to help stop these unnecessary deaths. An initiative called the Power of One has been supported by Mosquito Squad to help end malaria deaths. The Power of One is simple: $1 provides medication to save one child at a time. It’s difficult to comprehend that $1 can save a life but that is the reality and you can participate in the Power of One campaign by visiting Malaria No More’s website.

 Mosquito Squad supports Malaria No More copy

 While Malaria is not a threat in here in the United States anymore, several other mosquito-borne illnesses are. Mosquito Squad of Birmingham works every day to fight the bite of mosquitoes. Our highly effective barrier spray eliminates mosquitoes on contact and continues to work for 21 days, protecting you and your family from viruses such as West Nile, Chikungunya, EEE and a handful of others. While most mosquito-borne viruses found here in the greater Birmingham area are not fatal, they can cause lasting and debilitating effects.


With mosquitoes season still at its peak, now is the time to protect your family from these pests and the illnesses they can transmit. Call Mosquito Squad of Birmingham today to sign up for our barrier spray treatment. You’ll be able to enjoy the cooler Matt & Marty Lange copyfall nights outside without the threat of painful mosquito bites and potential diseases they can give you.

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