About us

Welcome to our Mosquito Squad blog! We are the local resource for  mosquito control in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. We have been in  Birmingham almost our whole lives and we know the annoyance and danger that  mosquitoes can bring here in the South. We are thrilled to help Fight the Bite  and allow our clients to enjoy their backyards again, without bites. To do so,  we have a few mosquito elimination solutions to offer.

Our most popular mosquito control program is the Barrier Spray Package where  we treat your property every 21 days. We make sure to apply our mosquito  elimination spray to all the areas of your property that where pests may harbor  and feed including shrubbery, patios and decks. Our spray is known to reduce the  mosquito population by 85-90%.

The Automatic Misting System is a permanent mosquito control solution that  treats your yard a few times during the day when mosquitoes are most active.

And if you are hosting an outdoor event of any kind (barbecue, graduation  party, etc.) make sure your guests aren’t on the menu. Our special event spray  is a one-time application that will get rid of mosquitoes prior to your  event.

Our consultation is completely free.  Give us a call at 205-380-7755 or check out our webpage at  http://birmingham.mosquitosquad.com/

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