Fight the Bite:


Today, August 20, is internationally recognized as World Mosquito Day.  This annual observance honors the discovery by Sir Ronald Ross, a British doctor living in India, that the transmission of malaria is directly related to mosquito bites.  Ross was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1902 for the discovery that bites from a female Anopheles mosquito carry the plasmodium parasite from one infected human to another causing a blood infection we call malaria.

Up until this point, it was widely believed that malaria was spread through “bad air”, hence the name malaria, derived from mala aria in Italian.  Ross’ discovery laid the foundation for scientists and doctors to better understand the deadly role of mosquito borne illnesses, specifically malaria, which cause more than one million deaths annually.  It is commonly thought that mosquitoes are responsible for more deaths every year than any other single cause.

Mosquito Squad, in conjunction with Malaria No More, works tirelessly to provide diagnosis, medicine, and prevention tools (mosquito nets & insecticide) to the most affected parts of the world.  It is our mission here at Mosquito Squad of Birmingham to help eradicate the spread of malaria and improve the quality of life for all global citizens.

Even though most people view mosquitoes simply as pests we know that they are infinitely more dangerous than a pesky annoyance.  We at Mosquito Squad of Greater Birmingham and proud to help fight mosquito- and tick- borne diseases here in central Alabama through preventative measures and education.  We offer a targeted outdoor insect control services for both residential and commercial clients in the area.

To find out more about World Mosquito Day or make donations towards the cause visit the Malaria No More website. 


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