Have you heard of the “Aussie Mozzie”?

I’ve never been to Australia but everything I have read or saw about it, it sounds like a great place to visit. The people, food, culture and sites would be amazing. But one thing I never want to see from Australia is the “Aussie Mozzie” or The Aedes notoscriptus.

It is an Australian mosquito species that was recently found in Los Angeles, it’s the first ever sighting in the United States. Jason Farned, spokesman for the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District said “In Australia this mosquito is very widespread and capable of transmitting several viruses, fortunately for us, none of those viruses have ever been reported in L.A. County.” “It’s unknown if the mosquito will become a major public health risk in California, Farned said. But because it infects dogs in Australia with heartworm, it may be a concern here for pet owners and vets.” source

The species is similar to the Asian tiger mosquito. Both the Asian tiger and Aussie Mozzie are most likely to bite during the day, instead of just around dusk.  “It also tends to lay its eggs inside the edges of small containers, rather than pools of water”, Farned said. Like many other mosquito species, the Aussie Mozzie infects humans and animals with disease including the Barmah Forest and Ross River viruses. Both viruses can be serious, but are non-lethal. Their symptoms include joint pain, rashes and fever. They can also infect dogs with heartworm.  Dogs with heartworm may show symptoms of coughing, exhaustion, weight loss and fainting.  Treatments for heartworm could take several months.

Only a few Aussie Mozzies have been confirmed in California so far. As the mosquito control experts, we at Mosquito Squad will stay on top of these guys, even throughout the off season and let you know if there is any other news.

EEE virus now in Alabama

There is another mosquito-borne disease in Alabama, that you need to be aware of this Fall. Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) has shown up in Mobile County. According to the CDC, one human, two chickens and a horse have contracted the disease in the Mobile county area.  Most people infected with EEE virus do not become ill. When symptoms do occur they can range from mild fever and headache to coma. Other symptoms include high fever, fatigue, muscle aches, neck stiffness, tremors, or confusion. Severe cases include inflammation of the brain (encephalitis) which can lead to coma, convulsions, and death. The fatality rate in humans is 35% and there is currently no cure for human infections.

Mosquito Squad of Birmingham is keeping an eye on the virus cases in an effort to help keep our residents safe. In addition to gaining knowledge about the EEE virus, we urge you to take mosquito control and protection in your yard seriously. Viruses can be controlled in your yard with Mosquito Squad of Birmingham’s highly effective mosquito barrier spray and larvaciding any standing water. Our mosquito barrier spray is applied to your foliage every 21 days to eliminate mosquitoes on contact. Because of the superior bonding agent contained in our product, it adheres to the leaves on your trees and bushes and will not wash away with the rain. Additionally, it creates a barrier around your property to keep additional mosquitoes away so they can’t breed additional generations within your yard. With our season long program, we return every 21 days to apply another treatment for continuous mosquito control.

Let’s work together to keep EEE virus out of Birmingham by practicing effective mosquito control and prevention. One call will provide you and your family the protection you need this fall from mosquitoes and the increasing number of diseases they can transmit. Call now to sign up and Mosquito Squad of Birmingham will keep you protected throughout the Fall.  (205) 380-7755