Mosquito Squad Safety for Your Birmingham Family

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Here at Mosquito Squad of Birmingham we are often asked many of the same
questions about our products and services as it relates to mosquitoes, ticks and
other insects. We are happy to answer any questions our customers and
potential customer have because we are confident in our training, our technicians
and our products. In an effort to help answer some of those questions you may
have, we’ve created a list along with the answers for you.

How does your barrier spray treatment work?

Our trained technicians will walk your property on your first visit to identify areas
where pests are likely to be abundant. These include areas that hold stagnant
water including French drains, ponds, corrugated pipes, bird baths and flooded
areas that can be potential mosquito breeding sites. Then our technicians will
treat these areas to eliminate any existing larvae and prevent future larvae from
forming. The perimeter of your property will be treated next, creating an invisible
barrier around your yard to keep additional mosquitoes from entering. Finally,
treatment is applied to the underside of the vegetation to eradicate any adult
mosquitoes and ticks currently in your yard.

Not only does our barrier spray treatment work, we guarantee it! While no
service can offer 100 percent protection from every mosquito and tick you should
notice an enormous reduction of 85 – 90% in the mosquito and tick population in
your yard. If for any reason you are not satisfied, give us a call and we’ll make it

Are there any specific areas that should be treated more or not at all?

Yes, Crepe Myrtle trees are specifically avoided to maintain a healthy
relationship between aphids and ants. Aphids produce honeydew on the tree as
a result of their feeding process. This by-product is a desirable source of food for
some insects, and their feeding keeps the tree from becoming covered in
honeydew, which would eventually mold over and kill the host tree.

Adversely, plants like kudzu or ivy are treated aggressively because of their thick
layers and curved leaves. This thick layering provides a well-insulated and
shady hideaway for pests and the curved leaves hold water and provide a place
for new mosquitoes to potentially breed.

Mosquito Squad is safe for children and pets
Is your barrier spray treatment safe around my kids and pets?

Yes, our products are used according to the label and are registered with the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency, which means the ingredients have been
scrutinized and tested for safety for consumer use.

We use only enough product to target a 2.5 milligram mosquito. Unlike
mammals, mosquitoes lack enzymes to break down the product, which means
we can use a very small amount strategically placed to achieve control of
nuisance pests.

Our class of products can be found in many household products like head
lice shampoos, pet flea collars and sprays, and many agricultural applications suchas standard treatments for fruit and ornamental plants.

Is your product safe around my fishpond?

Our technicians are trained to carefully treat around fishponds to provide
protection for your family without harming the investment you have made in your
pond and fish.
Does your treatment harm beneficial insects?

Some of our treatments can affect insects with similar habits in addition to the targets pests. For instance,
gnats, flies and fleas that are in direct contact with the spray during application
will be eliminated. However, care is taken to minimize damage to other insects.
For example, we avoid spraying blooming plants that attract honeybees.

Barrier Spray in Action
Is your barrier spray an organic product?

No, the product we use for our standard treatment is not organic, but we do offer a natural option. Our natural
option is garlic based and confuses and repels insects by using a scent that
insect find unattractive. In order for the natural treatment to remain effective, it
must occur every 14 days as opposed to the 21-day cycle of our traditional
Are Your Technicians trained?

Yes, extensively. Our technicians are trained in accordance with local and state requirements, but our in-house program
educates them on conditions and situations that are specific to mosquito and tick
breeding, lifecycle, habitats and how to effectively eliminate them. Plus, we are
fully licensed and insured and are happy to provide proof of either upon request.

Why do your technicians were a respirator, eye protection and long pants?

Simple! We take safety very seriously and we make every effort to provide the best protection for our employees by providing respirators and eye protection becausethey are directly exposed to our products five days a week for eight hours a day.

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Safety is a foremost concern of ours, not just in the way we apply our treatment but also in keeping you and your family safe from mosquitoes and ticks and the diseases they can spread. One call to Mosquito Squad of Birmingham can provide season long protection so you don’t have to worry about the questions above but instead enjoy the summer with your family. Your family’s safety is important to you and being a family business, protecting it is important to us.

Next Week is National Mosquito Control Week – Are You Ready Birmingham?

As we begin National Mosquito Control Awareness Week next week, Mosquito Squad of Birmingham reminds residents to follow our 5 T’s to mosquito elimination in keeping your families safe from mosquito-borne illnesses. In addition, we’d like to add 2 more T’s to this formula to take our protection even further, worldwide in fact.

Dread CircleMosquito Squad of Birmingham encourages homeowners to get up close and personal in their yards to reduce and eliminate mosquito breeding by:

TIPPING.  Tip over anything that holds enough water for mosquitos to breed. That’s just a tiny teaspoon! Since mosquitos breed in standing water, the elimination of standing water decreases a mosquito’s breeding ground. Birdbaths, play sets with tire swings, tree houses, portable fireplaces and pits and catch basins to recycle water should all be checked regularly and water tipped.

TOSSING. Toss out grass clippings, leaves, firewood and piles of mulch.  By keeping a yard clean, homeowners can remove a major breeding area for both mosquitoes and ticks. More than 45 percent of Mosquito Squad customers said areas near foliage or woods bordering their property were the most troublesome spots in their yard. Yard debris, including leaves, small twigs and plants, can also accumulate underneath decks, in gutters and at roof lines.

TURNING. Walk your yard every few days and turn over items that could hold water and trash. Look for children’s portable sandboxes, slides or plastic toys; underneath and around downspouts; in plant saucers, empty pots, light fixtures and dog water bowls.

REMOVING TARPS.  Many homeowners have tarps or covers on firewood piles, portable fire places, recycling cans, boats, sports equipment and grills. If not stretched taut, they are holding water.

TAKING CARE. Home maintenance is important. Regularly clean out gutters and make sure the downspout is attached properly. Re-grade areas where water stands more than a few hours, and make sure that all fallen branches and hollow trees or logs are removed from the property. Check irrigation systems to ensure that they aren’t leaking and causing a breeding haven. Keep lawn height low and weed areas.

TEAMING UP. Despite taking all precautions in your own home, talking with neighbors is a key component to mosquito, and tick, control. Townhomes and homes with little space between lots mean that mosquitoes can breed at a neighbor’s home, and affect your property.

TREATING. Utilize our mosquito elimination barrier treatment around your home and yard. Using our barrier treatment reduces the need for using DEET-containing bug spray on yourself and your family.              Malaria No More One Child at a Time

In addition to our mission to educate homeowners on mosquito control and make outdoor living more enjoyable, Mosquito Squad of Birmingham is urging the public to take both a local and global stance on mosquito control by donating $1 to Malaria No More. A $1 donation provides a life-saving test and treatment for a child in Africa. Donate at

“As vector-borne illnesses including the new-to-U.S. Chikungunya virus and West Nile Virus continue to capture headlines nationwide, concerns about mosquito control remain high,” said Matthew Lange, owner. “We’re urging the public to get involved both locally and globally in the war against mosquitoes and the illnesses they carry. By being proactive, homeowners can take control of their yards and their health, as well as help those facing the life threatening challenge of malaria on a daily basis.”

Mosquito Squad of Birmingham has taken an active part in fighting Malaria worldwide by donating hundreds of dollars in the last few seasons.  This money is used to provide life-saving mosquito nets to protect children in Africa against the disease. Each treated net can protect up to two children as they sleep at night, when disease infested mosquitoes are most like to bite them. In honor of National Mosquito Control Week, help Mosquito Squad of Birmingham protect these children further by donating today.

Invite Birmingham’s Best Mosquito Protection to Your Outdoor Special Events

June brides, your big day is almost here. You’ve spent months, perhaps even years, planning for your special day. The perfect dress has been chosen, guest list has been dwindled down, flowers have been ordered and all the preparations are in place. Have you forgotten anything? If you haven’t prepared to protect yourself and your guests from mosquitoes, you may be spending your evening like Jonathon and Susie in this video:

Uninvited mosquito guests may show up to your outdoor reception for a free meal. They may also leave a little wedding gift in the form of painful bites and even West Nile virus. If your reception is outdoors, be sure to call Mosquito Squad of Birmingham to protect everyone with our special event spray. 24-48 hours prior to your I-do’s, our trained technicians will apply our effective barrier spray everywhere your guests will be. The barrier spray eliminates mosquitoes on

Special event sprays keep mosquitoes away.
Special event sprays keep mosquitoes away.

contact and blocks additional mosquitoes from crashing your party. By the time your event begins until well after you leave for your honeymoon, the area is mosquito free! Your guests will never realize the area has been treated because our barrier protection is odor and residual free.

Mosquito Squad of Birmingham knows there is a lot of planning that goes into making any outdoor event special. Don’t let the evening end like Jonathon and Susie’s when one call to Mosquito Squad of Birmingham can protect you and your guest from the mosquito madness that can ensue. Whether it’s an outdoor wedding reception, graduation party, family reunion or birthday party, let your guests remember the good time they had and not the mosquito bites they received. Call us today for your special event spray.Matt & Marty Lange copy


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One Mosquito Problem Can Equal Billions of Bites in Your Birmingham Yard

Summer vacation has already started and school is out, but let’s keep our skills sharp by trying this math problem. Its mosquito math and it’s quite astounding: 1 mosquito + 4 short weeks = 1 billion eggs. Does it seem possible? It absolutely is! Now, multiple that by the number of mosquitoes that could be lurking in your yard and what do you get? A mosquito army.

Females need blood to produce eggs.
Females need blood to produce eggs.

Here’s how mosquito math works:

Week One: The female mosquito comes to your yard to feed on the plant juices and rest in your foliage. She needs protein for a blood meal to lay her eggs so she goes after you. Once she sucked that blood from your arm or leg, she will find a nice moist spot to lay up to 300 eggs in that first week. Let’s assume half, or 150, of those offspring are females who will also be looking for a blood meal to lay their 300 eggs.

Week Two approaches and our female mosquito + her 150 female offspring each lay up to 300 eggs. Half of those offspring will be females. Doing the calculations:

151 female mosquitoes x 300 eggs = 45,300 offspring / 2 male vs. female = 22,650 female mosquitoes in your yard.

Week Three is now here and those 22,650 female mosquitoes will lay up to 300 additional eggs:

22,650 female mosquitoes x 300 eggs = 6,795,000 offspring / 2 male vs. female = 3,397,500 females mosquitoes.

Week Four continues with the insanity. You know the formula by now.

3,397,500 female mosquitoes x 300 eggs = 1,019,250,000 mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can multiply quickly.

Mosquitoes can multiply quickly.

That’s over 1 billion mosquitoes in a month’s time from just one female mosquito! How do you stop the craziness? By calling the areas toughest mosquito eliminators, Mosquito Squad of Birmingham. Our mosquito barrier spray is applied to the foliage where those female mosquitoes feed and rest. When mosquitoes land on the treated area, they are eliminated on contact. The barrier spray remains effective on the foliage for 21 days, knocking out any mosquitoes (and ticks!) that land there. It also creates a virtual barrier around your treated property to keep her friends and family out, thereby breaking the math mania above and eliminating the potential mosquito-borne disease transmission that can occur. We return every 21 days to apply an additional treatment.

Do the math and you see that preventing mosquitoes in your yard this season is as easy as 205-380-7755. That’s not another math problem but the one phone number you’ll need to Mosquito Squad of Birmingham. Let us wipe out mosquitoes and their offspring in your yard this season so your summer break can be mosquito and math free.Matt & Marty Lange copy

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