Control Mosquitoes in your Birmingham Yard Now!

Have you noticed the amount bugs out this week? As soon as the temperatures warmed, bees and wasps were already building their nests and the mosquitoes are out too. You may not be noticing them yet because most mosquitoes come out at dusk but you will soon as you start to spend the evening hours outside. So, why are we safe from mosquitoes during the day and where do they go?

Common backyard mosquito sourcesMosquitoes are very interesting creatures. We already know that most mosquitoes are out at dawn and dusk (except the Asian Tiger mosquito who is a day feeder). It’s only the female mosquito that nibbles and they don’t so much bite as they do suck your blood for the protein they require to produce their eggs. They come out at dusk because they don’t like the hot, dry sun but prefer the nighttime humidity. Therefore, they seek shade during the day, in wooded areas, inside trees or logs, clogged gutters, or anywhere that holds moisture.

That’s why Mosquito Squad of Greater Birmingham’s barrier spray treatment is so effective. Mosquitoes actually feed on the plant juices where they rest and reside. Our barrier spray is applied to these trees and plants every 21-days so as the mosquitoes feed, they are eradicated immediately. Our treatment has a bonding agent so it will remain effective on the Mosquito Squad of Greater Birmingham shows a mosquito feeding on a plantplants for the 21-days without washing away and continues eliminating mosquitoes as they land to feed or rest. Our service is automatically scheduled when you sign up for a seasonal package and you don’t even have to be home when we come.

It’s not just the annoyance of those itchy bites that you want to protect your family from but the spread of diseases such as West Nile virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis and Heartworm disease. The red welt you get on your skin is your body’s reaction to the mosquito saliva but gives no indication if the bacteria that causes the diseases was actually transmitted. The best protection is to not get a mosquito bite but since that is somewhat difficult to control, call the mosquito experts at Mosquito Squad of Greater Birmingham.

Matt & Marty Lange copy

Matt & Marty Lange
Mosquito Squad of Greater Birmingham


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