Why Tick Tubes Effectively Eliminate Ticks in Birmingham

Tick tubes from Mosquito Squad of Birmingham effectively eliminate ticks.
Tick tubes from Mosquito Squad of Birmingham effectively eliminate ticks.

Everyday at Mosquito Squad of Birmingham, we work hard to protect our customers from mosquitoes, ticks and the diseases they carry such as West Nile virus and Lyme Disease. As we talked about last week, our barrier spray is highly effective at eliminating mosquitoes on contact and creating a barrier around your property to keep additional mosquitoes out. The barrier spray also targets and eliminates ticks residing within the treated area as well. But ticks have different habits depending on the stage of their lifecycle so in addition to the barrier spray that targets the adult ticks within your yard, Mosquito Squad of Birmingham utilizes tick tubes to eliminate the younger nymph ticks.

These ticks are attached to the ear of a mouse.
These ticks are attached to the ear of a mouse.

Nymph ticks are young ticks and just like our children, are the most active members of the family. The nymph ticks are also more prevalent in the early spring to late summer and the biggest transmitter of diseases such as Lyme Disease. In order to grow and develop, these young nymph ticks need a blood meal. Their preference at this stage is mice and chipmunks that they use as their host. Latching on to these rodents, they feed off their blood until they have developed enough to venture out into the world.


Using this knowledge of tick habits and those of the rodents, Mosquito Squad of Birmingham can target them more effectively with the use of tick tubes. We strategically place tick tubes around your property where we know rodents will come in contact with them. Inside the tubes is treated cotton the rodents take back to their dens. The cotton is safe for the rodents as well as other animals and people and they rodents use the fluff for their bedding. Once the nymph ticks come in contact with the treated cotton, they are eliminated immediately. The cotton not only keeps these ticks from spreading disease, it also stops future generations from forming.

Treated cotton from our tick tubes are being used as bedding.
Treated cotton from our tick tubes are being used as bedding.


Tick season is already here and now is the time to have tick tubes placed around your property. Call Mosquito Squad of Birmingham to set up your dual protection tick control and prevention program so you can make the most of your time outdoors this spring and summer.




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Mosquitoes Don’t Stand a Chance with Birmingham’s Toughest Treatment

Birmingham is blooming. Azaleas, dogwoods and tulips are popping up all over town. Birmingham is also buzzing. Have you heard it yet? It not, you will soon. The buzzing is coming from the emerging mosquitoes all around town and it is only going to get worse the deeper we get into the summer.

Mosquitoes have plenty of places to breed this year with the soaking precipitation we recently had. They need this water to develop in their larval and pupal stages before they emerge as adults. The water is still out there in the woods, drainage ditches and possibly even your yard. Take a walk around to see if you have any leaf piles, grass clippings, kids toys, tarps that are loose or clogged gutters. Anything that can hold water can quickly become a breeding ground. It doesn’t have to be a puddle of water; mosquitoes can actually breed hundreds of eggs in the amount of water that fills a bottle top.

Besides tipping, tossing, turning, and securing your tarps, Mosquito Squad of Birmingham can treat your yard, eliminating those mosquitoes that find their way close to your home.

Our barrier spray is applied to the vegetation in your yard to eliminate mosquitoes.
Our barrier spray is applied to the vegetation in your yard to eliminate mosquitoes.

Our highly effective mosquito barrier spray is applied every 21-days to the vegetation in your yard. This is where adult mosquitoes rest during the day and feed on the plant juices. When a mosquito lands on the treated vegetation, they are eradicated on contact. Our barrier spray is a time-released product that stays highly effective for those 21-days. It also contains a bonding agent so it will not wash away with the rain. In addition to contact elimination, it creates a tough barrier around your property to keep additional mosquitoes                                                          from biting your family and laying hundreds of eggs.

Mosquito Squad of Birmingham makes it easy to protect your family all season long. All you have to do is give us a call today to sign up for our season long barrier spray protection. We will come to your home every 21-days to treat your yard. No additional phone calls are needed to schedule your next appointment and you don’t have to be home on your scheduled day. We also offer flexible payment plans. Starting early before mosquitoes become a problem is always best. If you don’t want to give mosquitoes a chance, give Mosquito Squad of Birmingham a call at 205-380-7755.




Mosquito Squad of Birmingham Wants You to Know That All Mosquito Protection is Not Created Equal

With the mosquito season gearing up quickly, there are many companies out there that may look the same but there are some big differences. It’s important to do your research to get the best mosquito protection for your Birmingham yard. Here are a few items you should keep in mind while researching any company specializing in mosquito control:

  • What type of products do they use? Some companies use the least expensive products available, and you will see that in the results. They typically last around 2 weeks. Mosquito Squad of Birmingham uses the best products available throughout the entire season. Our treatment includes a combination of up to 5 different products to effectively control the mosquito population at its highest rate.
  • How long does the treatment last? The cheaper products used by some companies will continue to provide moderate control for three weeks as long as it stays dry. If it does rain, their products are dramatically reduced. Mosquito Squad of Birmingham’s barrier spray is a time release formula, that is designed to last for 28 days. As long as it has 20 minutes to dry, it will not wash away with the rain and will remain very effective for 21-days, which is when we come back to apply another treatment.
  • Is their service backed by a guarantee? Mosquito Squad of Birmingham stands behind or 100% satisfaction guarantee in controlling mosquitoes in your treated yard. If you notice increased mosquito activity in between your treatments, give us a call and we’ll come back out. We will even make a personal visit to discuss any problem areas and answer any of your concerns.
  • Will your quoted price cover your entire yard or entire season? Some companies quote you the lowest price possible and increase that price after the first couple of sprays based on the size of your yard. Other companies will quote you for a partial season. Mosquito Squad of Birmingham will provide you an accurate quote based on your total acreage and it will cover the entire mosquito season.
  • What else make Mosquito Squad of Birmingham superior? Award winning customer service. We know that protecting your family and pets from mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry, is important for you. Locally we have won the Angie’s List Super Service Award 2 years in row. Nationally, the brand has been winning franchise awards for 11 years.

Besides these accolades, we make using Mosquito Squad of Birmingham as easy as possible. We can accommodate your schedule although you don’t have to be home when we spray. You are automatically scheduled for an additional treatment every 21-days, no need to call to set up future appointments. We also have flexible payment plans and many, many loyal customers.


I often say the best salesman is another satisfied customer. Referrals are a big part of our business which tells us that our clients are extremely happy with their mosquito protection. Here’s what some of our clients are saying:

That it actually works! Not to mention that everyone I have dealt with has been very kind, punctual and professional. This service is by far one of the most beneficial that we have ever purchased that actually improved our quality of life for our family at our home. Cynthia V.

I have shared with friends and neighbors. I feel better about my dogs’ health and my own without mosquitoes and bugs. The men are prompt and efficient and I always know when they are coming. Ann M.

Technicians are friendly, prompt and will come back if needed. We are able to enjoy sitting in our back yard year round without annoying mosquito bites or constantly using bug spray! This service is definitely worth the money and we will continue using them! Joan R.

It really works! Even with regular rain storms the system seems to keep those nasty black mosquitoes at bay. The company personnel were fast, non-intrusive and always left documentation of their visit. I have some neighbors’ who are not on the program and there is a huge difference between the number of mosquitoes in their yard and mine. A neighbor recommended it to me and I was very pleased with the results, especially since we enjoy sitting on the back patio and do not have a screened porch. Max B.

You come to my house, do the treatment and never intrude on my day. But the best thing is no MOSQUITOES!! Before I had this treatment started, I could not go onto my deck without fighting mosquitoes. Now I can spend time there, working on plants, cooking on my grill and never get bitten. Thank you!! Marlene C.

NO LONGER BEING HELD HOSTAGE BY THE MOSQUITOES: The fact that I’ve gone from several mosquito bites per day before I called you to one bite total in the 3 weeks since you treated our area is wonderful – I’m no longer a captive in my own home! Judy B.

We could go on all day about the superior products and services you’ll get from Mosquito Squad of Birmingham. If you’re ready for the best mosquito protection around, give us a call today. We can answer any additional questions you may have and give you a fast and accurate quote for the entire mosquito season.


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Control Mosquitoes in your Birmingham Yard Now!

Have you noticed the amount bugs out this week? As soon as the temperatures warmed, bees and wasps were already building their nests and the mosquitoes are out too. You may not be noticing them yet because most mosquitoes come out at dusk but you will soon as you start to spend the evening hours outside. So, why are we safe from mosquitoes during the day and where do they go?

Common backyard mosquito sourcesMosquitoes are very interesting creatures. We already know that most mosquitoes are out at dawn and dusk (except the Asian Tiger mosquito who is a day feeder). It’s only the female mosquito that nibbles and they don’t so much bite as they do suck your blood for the protein they require to produce their eggs. They come out at dusk because they don’t like the hot, dry sun but prefer the nighttime humidity. Therefore, they seek shade during the day, in wooded areas, inside trees or logs, clogged gutters, or anywhere that holds moisture.

That’s why Mosquito Squad of Greater Birmingham’s barrier spray treatment is so effective. Mosquitoes actually feed on the plant juices where they rest and reside. Our barrier spray is applied to these trees and plants every 21-days so as the mosquitoes feed, they are eradicated immediately. Our treatment has a bonding agent so it will remain effective on the Mosquito Squad of Greater Birmingham shows a mosquito feeding on a plantplants for the 21-days without washing away and continues eliminating mosquitoes as they land to feed or rest. Our service is automatically scheduled when you sign up for a seasonal package and you don’t even have to be home when we come.

It’s not just the annoyance of those itchy bites that you want to protect your family from but the spread of diseases such as West Nile virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis and Heartworm disease. The red welt you get on your skin is your body’s reaction to the mosquito saliva but gives no indication if the bacteria that causes the diseases was actually transmitted. The best protection is to not get a mosquito bite but since that is somewhat difficult to control, call the mosquito experts at Mosquito Squad of Greater Birmingham.

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