It’s Time to Start Mosquito Control at Your Birmingham Home

I think we can all agree that Birmingham is ready for the warmer temperatures that are coming our way. Image sitting on your deck, soaking up the warmth as you watch the sun set on the horizon. The stresses of your day are melting away until you hear that familiar buzzing sound of a mosquito. Do you ever wonder how they become active so quickly and where they go during the winter?

It’s a common misconception that mosquitoes die off with the cold temperatures. In fact, some adult species can survive the winter burrowed in animal nests, fallen logs and even piles of leaves. As soon as the weather warms, the female

Mosquito eggs hatch very quickly when the temperatures warm.
Mosquito eggs hatch very quickly when the temperatures warm.

mosquito goes in search of a blood meal (that’s you!) in order to develop her eggs. There are also mosquitoes that hibernate during their larval stage in ponds and muddy swamps in order to survive the freeze. Those mosquito species that cannot survive cold temperatures lay winter-hardy eggs in the soil that hatch as soon as the temperatures start to climb to about 60 degrees. That makes for a lot of mosquitoes quickly.


Clogged gutters give mosquitoes the perfect place to breed.
Clogged gutters give mosquitoes the perfect place to breed.

Be proactive and start controlling mosquitoes in your yard with two easy steps. First, tip over anything that can hold water where mosquitoes can breed. Walk around your yard to see if there are any dog bowls, bird baths or children’s toys that have standing water. Check for clogged gutters and tarps over your grill that may not be taut. Mosquitoes only need a small amount of water to lay hundreds of eggs. Secondly, call the mosquito eliminators at Mosquito Squad of Birmingham. Our barrier spray treatment targets mosquitoes in all stages of their life cycle. Applied every 21 days, our effective treatment will not only eliminate mosquitoes on contact, it will keep them from producing future generations.


Now is the time to start protecting your family from the annoying bites and potential diseases mosquitoes can carry. Call Mosquito Squad of Birmingham today to set up a mosquito control program that protects you and your family all season long.




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