5 places in your yard that can trap water

Its Mosquito Control Awareness Week. Here are some areas that can mosquitoes breed in.

1. Clogged rain gutters: make sure all leaves and other debris are cleaned out

2. Mulch, grass or compost piles: toss them out (one of the 5T’s)

3. Flower pot catch basins: 300 mosquitoes can breed in as little as a teaspoon of water

4. Heavy vegetation like kudzu or ivy: Cut it back or call The Squad and we will treat it and your yard all summer long!

5. Small containers, playground equipment or toys: tip them out or turn them over (another one of the 5T’s)

Did you know, that some species of mosquitoes’ eggs, can lay dormant in any of the above places for 7 yrs?

Did you know, it only takes a teaspoon of water for a few hundred mosquitoes to breed?

But never fear The Squad is here! Call us today!