The best outdoor app you can have!

Do you spend alot of time outdoors? Do you like camping, hunting, hiking, playing with the kids or dogs? If you do, you know the dangers of Lyme disease and probably how to check for ticks. But what about how to remove them or a doctor to call in your area that can treat Lyme disease or If the area you live in has a high tick concentration.  Well, this app tells you all of that and a whole lot more. This is a must for anyone who spends time outdoors.

The American Lyme Disease Foundation (ALDF) released and IPhone app called “Tick Map” that helps users understand the dangers and ways to prevent tick bites and Lyme Disease. When you open the app it goes to a menu and these are the different sections.

Tick Map: It is just what it says. It gives you information of the are that you’re in. It is tied in with your GPS on your phone and works wherever you are: at the lake, the hunting club, or even the woods behind grandma’s house.

How to Prevent Lyme Disease.

How to Identify a Tick.

How to Remove a Tick.

Duration of Attachment:This shows pictures of ticks at different stages of attachment so the user can compare the photos and decide if they need to see a doctor.

Lyme Disease Symptoms: It shows pictures as well as describes different symptoms of Lyme.

Find a Physician: Provides the name and contact information for a local infectious disease doctor.

At Mosquito Squad, we protect our clients against tick bites and Lyme disease with a combination of our barrier spray and tick tubes.

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5 Mosquito facts, you may not know.

Did you know?


Only adult female mosquitoes bite.


Mosquitoes feed on nectar, plant juices and decaying plant material.


Mosquito eggs can survive up to 7 years before hatching.


With a 100% survival rate, a single mosquito could be responsible for over 1 billion mosquito descendants in under a month.


Most species of mosquitoes, go through their entire life cycle in as little as four days or as long as one month, depending upon conditions.



Learn more at and if you need mosquito control for your yard in the Birmingham Mertro area, call us at 380-7755.


Are mosquitoes becoming immune to Deet?

Deet, the  most widely used insect repellent, is becoming less effective at repelling mosquitoes. According to a new study from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine,  the species known as The Asian Tiger  (or aedes aegypti) mosquitoes were initially repelled by the substance, but  they ignored it when exposed again. The Asian Tiger Mosquito is known for biting during the day and are capable of transmitting dengue fever and yellow fever viruses. Dr James Logan, who led the research, said: ‘The more we understand about how repellents work and how mosquitoes detect them, the better we can work out ways to get around the problem when they do become resistant to repellents.’ Until recently it was not clear how the chemical worked, but recent research suggests that insects simply do not like the smell. Previous research had demonstrated how some mosquitoes were genetically immune to the substance, but the new research has shown that even those that would usually be deterred developed a resistance. Logan says the results underline how more research is needed to find alternatives to the chemical. Logan now plans to find out how long the effect lasts after the initial exposure to the chemical. The team would also like to study the effect in other mosquitoes, including the species that transmit malaria.

At Mosquito Squad, we do not provide topical mosquito control or repellent, but instead protect against mosquitoes by treating vegetation. Our spray kills mosquitoes on contact and continues to protect for up to 21 days. We do suggest applying some kind of bug spray to the body when spending times in untreated areas, but it’s not needed in your Mosquito Squad protected yard.

While we can’t guarantee that you will never see a mosquito on your property, we do guarantee your satisfaction with our service. If you aren’t happy with the reduction in your mosquito population, Mosquito Squad is happy to come out and respray your property. Contact us at Mosquito Squad Greater Birmingham 205-380-7755 or email us: