The 6 C’s of tick control you can use in your yard!

Because of the mild winter that many areas of the country experienced this year, more ticks are expected this spring. And with the increase in the reported cases of Lyme disease, every family should be extra vigilant when spending time outdoors, whether in the woods or sitting on your deck. To help fight the bite, we at Mosquito Squad are happy to offer up our 6 Cs of tick control you can utilize in your yard.

  1. Clear out debris. Debris often accumulates in moist shady areas where ticks thrive (they usually die in sunny dry areas).
  2. Clean. Eliminate leaf litter, brush off sidewalks and mow tall grass to cut down on the places ticks can harbor.
  3. Choose plants that aren’t attractive to deer. In areas where deer are present this is very important because deer will carry ticks right into your yard.
  4. Check hiding places periodically. Ticks like to hide along the base of fences and brick walls.
  5. Care for family pets. Ticks can easy hide in the fur of your pets. If your animals (like our Wiley) spend time in areas where ticks may be present, make sure you apply a topical tick medication.
  6. Call the pros. Mosquito Squad’s tick control eliminates ticks before they can bit and danger your friends and family.

In a year when ticks are expected to be worse than normal, it’s important to be extra careful. Make sure you do a full body check when coming inside and, in the case that you are bitten, remove the ticks properly and place it in a plastic bag in case it needs to be tested for tick-transmitted diseases.

World Malaria Day is 4/25/12

‎650,000 people still die from malaria, 86% are children. Today is World Malaria Day and Mosquito Squad has teamed up with Malaria No More to help eradicate malaria in Africa by 2015. You can go to our webpage  and then click on the Malaria no More link on the bottom left of our webpage and see how you can help us battle malaria! A donation of $10 can save the life of 2 children!

Could your town be next?

Brewton No Longer Providing Mosquito Control

By: Pat Peterson | WKRG Published: April 12, 2012 Updated: April 12, 2012 – 6:36 PM
BREWTON, Alabama —

Mosquitoes could be a big problem on the Gulf Coast this year- the blood-sucking insects survived the mild winter we had and are ready to make our lives miserable.

In Brewton, homeowners are in the bug battle alone- the town no longer provides mosquito spraying services.

The city blames tougher state and federal regulations involving the use of pesticides for ending service.

Under the Cleanwater Act- the E.P.A. is requiring towns to obtain costly permits to use pesticides in and around waterways.

The new guidelines also hold towns legally and financiallly responsible for any health or environmental hazards in the use of mosquito killing chemicals.

Town officials say it’s just too risky to provide mosquito control.

Monroeville has also eliminated mosquito spraying service. The town of Evergreen is considering using a private contractor to handle mosquito control.